Monday, 11 February 2008

IJ Seminar Questions

Only a couple of weeks left, before a new IJ Seminar starts in Italy on the 22th of February. As preparation I'm posting a document with some test questions in the style of the IJ-Test: ISAF Q JC-15&16pl.doc
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions.


  1. Question QUESTION JC-X15pl (g) states:
    For starts under the black flag, the race committee does not need to display flag X to signal boats that are on the course side of the starting line at the starting signal.
    And your answer is false rrs29.2 and Q&A109
    I believe that the answer is TRUE and the reason is the last sentence of rrs30.3 (the black flag rule) that says "If this rule applies rule 29.1 does not"
    Furthermor, rule 29.2 is irrelevant to flag X.
    I can't find the Q&A 109 so I can't see what it says but I am very positive that you don't have to display an X flag when you have boats over the line with the black flag.

  2. You are right. This test was made before the 2005 rule changes. In the last cycle the last sentence to RRS 30.3 was added. Before that, there was a lot of discussion on the subject.

  3. What about the Z flag starts ? Rule 29.1 only states to compliance to Rule 30.1 and does not mention Rule 30.2 starts !


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