Thursday, 28 February 2008

How to time the regatta starting sequence?

The answer is: Autohoot. No, it's not the sound of a Porsche with a cold, encountering a pedestrian. It is the name of a device made by Richard Paul Russell Limited from Lymington, UK. Autohoot automatically controls the sequence of sound signals used to start sailing races.
  • Simplifies starting sailing races
  • Avoids timing errors
  • Compatible with all standard starting sequences
  • User programmable for non-standard sequences and pursuit races.
  • Auto-repeat for successive class starts
Aimed as an aid to race officers, there’s no easier way to start a race, just switch it on and the sequence begins, all subsequent signals will then sound automatically on time. The timing order can be set by the user, it has been designed to be compatible with most international starting methods including the Match Racing 10, [6], 5, 4, [2], 0 and the ISAF 5, 4, 1, 0 sequences. For non-standard sequences there are two user programmable options that are ideal for pursuit race starts.

Additional sound signals for recalls or finishing can be made at any time, just by pressing the separate red hoot button. Two LED’s and an internally sounding beeper warn when the horn will sound and give the race officer notice to prepare for flag changes etc. Accurate and reliable, AutoHoot is constructed from high quality materials suitable for the marine environment. It uses a microprocessor to control the solid-state electronic horn relay. Generally, a low cost car horn can be used, but if a louder signal is required, then AutoHoot can control switch currents up to 20A. An error indication is given if the power is interrupted during the starting sequence. Once AutoHoot is turned on, the starting sequence will repeat, this facilitates successive class starts. If the unit is accidentally left running it will stop sounding the horn after 3hours.

Specially for starts where multiple classes have to be started in a five minute sequence, this device is ideal. Find out more on this extensive website. With detailed specs, instructions and prices. Also Q&A's and comments from club PRO's on its usage.

They ship all over the world! Looks like a very good deal to me!


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