Monday, 25 February 2008

IJ Seminar Study questions

Keeping up the rules test sequence on Mondays, I have the ISAF IJ Seminar Study questions for you today. These questions are used as preparation for participants in ISAF Judges Seminars. No answers are given, candidates have to fill in those themselves and discuss them at the seminar.

I contacted the author and received his permission to publish them. In his E-mail he added: A number of these questions have no absolute answer. They are intended to get a knowledgeable judge to think deeply about a situation, as he or she will have to do at a high level event. ISAF wants candidates to open up their rule books and consult the cases when confronted with questions that have no quick and easy answers. For other questions (like Q4, for example), the answer is relatively easy but the implication provides room for lots of discussion in the seminar.

Yesterday the Seminar in Italy ended and I wanted to wait for that to happen, before I published. I have split the 20 questions in two parts of 10 each. This week part 1: ISAF IJ Seminar Study Questions bp1.pdf


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