Thursday, 14 February 2008

RYA Arbitration advise

The RYA has already a long standing policy to be more "flexible" towards the whole protest hearing issue, mentioned in yesterdays post. I was send a file called RYA RACING BEST PRACTICES Arbitration.doc by one of my readers (thanks Mike!) in which their advise on arbitration is outlined. I haven't had time to study the whole document, but already found the last page very interesting. It's a changed template of the backside of a protest form adapted for Arbitration. The RYA is working on an updated version, which will become available on their website soon.

Update 22/06/2009 at 18:44
Sooner rather then later the updated version has become available!
On this page of the RYA website, you can find the 2009 version together with a standard and comprehensive protest-form.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. Here in the USA, we have a patchwork of arbitration procedures applicable to individual regattas, usually on the basis of the practice at the host clubs. The RYA procedure seems to advance the best practice (as advertised!). However, it looks to me like the RYA procedure has an internal contradiction, which is that the matrix says in essence "no arbitration if there's damage, while the "RYA Arbitration Procedure" on the following page at #6 follows Rule 44 and says "no abitration if there's serious damage."

    It seems to me that if a boat could take an alternative penalty while racing, then it should also be able to take an alternative after the race. However, I also question whether a 20% penalty is severe enough.

    BTW, I think your blog is great.


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