Sunday, 24 February 2008


Yesterday at the Matchrace Winterseries 2007-2008 on the Braassemermeer, we discussed an incident in one of the matches in the debrief.

TSS diagram: UMP_LTW007.TSS
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Match between Blue and Yellow. Green is a boat not racing!
Blue on Starboard and Yellow on Port. Green is not an obstruction because Blue is r-o-w boat, and because C2.9 states that Green shall not interfere if reasonable possible.

Yellow does not keep clear of Blue in pos 2. Blue gybes to avoid contact and protests. Umpires gave a green flag exonerating Yellow.

A couple of questions:
Should Yellow be exonerated or penalized?
Can Green be penalized? And if so, how?
(See also call MR 18)


  1. Hehehe... I just posted this on my own blog without knowing about this post. Hope you don't mind?

    I also see that yours is different than mine because yellow doesn't gybe to starboard tack before pos 2. I think this makes the outcome different.

  2. Jos,

    First: I would expect a scoring penalty for intruding in a race while not racing yourself should be mentionend in the sailing instructions.

    Second: I would also think, that if green is holding his course, he is then just an obstruction to be taken into account for both teams. If he is changing course and thereby changing the outcome of the race than maybe he could be punnished with a scoring penalty (loss of points)

  3. Green failed to keep clear and as a result, forced Yellow to break rule 10.

    Green should be penalised under 22.1 (C2.9) and Yellow exonerated under C8.1(b).

    The umpires should signal a green & white flag in response to Blue's Y flag. They should then contact the match umpires for Green and inform them that Green has broken rule 22.1 and that she should be penalised in her next match when she enters the starting area.

    If it is possible prior to Green's entry, it will avoid confusion if Green's umpires verbally advise her that she will be penalised in her upcoming match for interferring with a boat that was racing.

    It will also usually be necessary for Blue's umpires to explain to Blue why they gave a green & white flag since Blue won't be aware of the penalty imposed on Green.

  4. Very neat! Your using also the preamble of part two; rule 22.1 (C2.9) being the only rule that can be used to penalize a nor-racing boat and 64.1(c). Green is getting the flag in the next race. (closest in time)


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