Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Definitions | 1

For rules issues you need a thorough knowledge of the definitions. As the word indicates, they define the parameters where a particular rule or part of the rule has effect. Starting today I will post about a definition once a week, and will try to give some background and insights on them. Here's the first:

Abandon A race that a race committee or protest committee abandons is void but may be resailed.

The meaning of abandonment is clear to all sailors; it is as if that race has never happened. There are no results and protests about Part 2 infringements cannot be penalized. The race is void and can't be scored. (RRS 89.3). That is however not entirely true. Even abandoned races can have some effect on boats trough the series.
  • Abandonment is signaled by flag N, sometimes accompanied by flag H (further signals ashore) or A (no more racing today). (Race Signals)
  • If a boat breaks RRS 22.1, even a boat in a later abandoned race, can successfully protest that boat.
  • Abandonment can be signaled for ANY reason by the race-committee before the starting signal. (RRS 27.3)
  • Abandonment after the race is started, has "no effect" on penalties under RRS 30.2 (20% penalty) and 30.3 (Black flag disqualification). Those are not voided. The 20% penalty will be used on the score of the resailed race and a Black flag penalty prohibits a boat to sail in the resailed race.
  • The reason why the race committee may abandon a race after the start, are described in RRS 32.1. Of those reasons one - the fairness of a race - is sometimes used by sailors, to get a race trown out. Sort of reverse use, you might say. Because the sailor thinks a race has been unfair, a request for redress is handed in, claiming an improper action by the RC for not abandoning the race. There is however never an obligation, the RC may abandon, not should! (RRS 32.1(e))
  • There is an obligation to abandon, when no boat finishes within the time limit. Even when the first boat is a couple of meters from the finishing line. (RRS 35)
  • Once the first boat has finished, the RC shall not abandon the race without considering the consequences for all boats in the race or series. (RRS 32.1)
  • If a redress hearing leads the PC to think about abandoning a race, rule 64.2 obliges them to hear evidence from all appropriate sources. If a race is abandoned, all effected boats may claim redress.
  • In Appendix P the penalty from her first or second protest is canceled, but it does count in the number of penalties in the series.
  • When abandonment is signaled all effected boats stop racing, mind you, the rules of part 2 stay in effect, but boats are no longer racing. That's why coach-boats can come into a field, directly after abandonment has been signaled. (Definitions)


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