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From Maritime Heritage to Spirit of Tradition

Classic Boat Show 2008 holds course
Maritime Heritage steers safely through global crisis

While the financial crisis has knocked the wind out of the global market, Thedo Fruithof is calmly finalising the arrangements for the Classic Boat Show from his humble abode in Andijk. Later this week the enormous exhibition hall on the Gependam will be constructed and will host 130 exhibitors and 65 ships during three full days of maritime pleasure from 7 – 9 November 2008.
“This Show is different from all the previous ones,” says the proud MC Fruithof, “For example, the steamer towboat the Rosalie (1873) and the restored Rhine barge Helena (1875) are unique examples of the riveting tradition that can now be applied in polyester."

Upgraded web site
For regular visitors to the web site this is old news, but the Classic Boat Show 2008 offers many new features. The web site provides easy access to all the companies and organizations that you can meet at the Show. The site features a photo gallery of most of the boats that are on display during the Show in Enkhuizen, with full details. The site offers a comprehensive international trade catalogue, but also local information on where to stay and dine, as well as the current weather report. Enjoy the great variety of exhibits as well as the film program, lectures, and meetings and bring your kids to the children’s program. Please do visit the web site for all the attractions and updates to this year’s Classic Boat Show and Maritime Heritage www.klassieke-schepen.nl
For example…
Symposium: New Rules and Regulations for Inland Shipping
A symposium is organised by the Federatie van Oude Nederlandse Vaartuigen (Federation of old Dutch Vessels) about new European and Dutch rules and regulations for inland shipping. The Saturday symposium is open to skippers, ship owners and members of conservation organisations and will meet on the MS Terra Nova.

New York and Henry Hudson 400
In 1609, under the auspices of the Dutch East India Company, Captain Hudson set sail out of Amsterdam on the Half Moon in search of a passage to China. Instead, he discovered the best natural harbour in the world and the island of Manhattan. Shortly after this discovery, New Amsterdam was founded and gradually developed into the world’s capital city, known as New York. Dutch settlers brought with them a deep tradition of enlightenment, tolerance, and acumen which became a hallmark of its new-world colony. The early settlement of New Amsterdam with its multiethnic, dynamic inhabitants mirrors the diverse, cosmopolitan culture for which New York City is revered throughout the world. With a celebration of these noteworthy beginnings, Henry Hudson 400 plans to reinforce the deep ties between these two cultures. In 2009, Henry Hudson 400 will commemorate the legendary voyage with two three-day festivals in both Amsterdam and in New York. A transatlantic sailing race for the larger vessels will connect both cities; about 35 smaller vessels such as botters, tjalks and skûtsjes, will be transported across the ocean in a cargo ship. The Henry Hudson 400 Foundation presents its plans at the Classic Boat Show. www.henryhudson400.com

Sailing is my vocation
The Dutch interest group for professional sailing (BBZ) presents an introductory day on Saturday, November 8th, for people who are interested in working in chartering and yacht building. Various stands provide information, lectures are planned as well as a job market. To get a feel of these professions you can sign on for a journey on the two-master barge Helena that sails from Rotterdam to Enkhuizen and back (see www.rivierzeilen.nl for details).

100 year old Hengst
The mussel-fishing barge Jan Korneel was restored to its original state by the Tolerant Foundation in the Belgian town of Rupelmonde. This authentic oak fishing boat, dating back to 1908, is one of eight remaining originals of its kind, of which thousands sailed the river Schelde only a century ago. The restoration took two years and was supervised by the craftsman Cees Droste. The 100 year old Hengst Jan Korneel was re-launched on September 14th and can be admired at the Classic Boat Show.

“Enkhuizen is THE place to see all types of historic vessels of any length during this comprehensive and compact boat show. The exhibit is concentrated in one large exhibition hall, bigger than last year”, says organizer Thedo Fruithof, “This historic town, which was once a main harbour of the East-India Company’s fleet, provides a contemporary background. Visitors travelling by train or bus arrive on the spot with the show right next door to the station; and visitors arriving by car can enjoy a wonderful ferry crossing along the historic vessels on show.”

7-9 November 2008
Daily 10:00-18:00 hrs
Fairground next to the NS-Railway Station, Enkhuizen
FREE parking and ferry transport, follow directions on site
Entrance fee: € 10

We look forward to seeing you at Classic Boat Show 2008,
With kind regards,
Thedo Fruithof and Wim de Bruin


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