Saturday, 29 November 2008


Very cryptic title, don't you think? I will explain in a moment.

Just a short update from my hotel room in Brindisi. We had a fine day on the water with nine teams, seven from Italy, one from Austria and one from Croatia. Nice weather, nice wind, good boats, what can one wish for more?
Well, I'll tell you: One can wish for some wet-gear. Airone - the air plane conglomerate I used - has managed to loose my bag! All I have is what I had on and what was in my hand luggage.
AMSTERDAM > to Rome went fine, but then I got stuck in Rome. Waiting for a plane to Milan. The weather in Milan was terrible, so after boarding we waited and waited again, until finally I had no other option but to get of that plane and try to find another direct connection to Brindisi. My bag was - of course - already loaded, but they promised to get it of. But at the carousel nothing came... After an hour I had to try to get on with my connection...

I managed to get another plane to Brindise, leaving 21:50 and guess..... delayed first until 00:15 but finally until 01:00 hours..... And if that was not enough, we were diverted to Bari because Brindisi was closed due to a spill on the runway... Take the bus for an hour and a half in the middle of the night.., thank you very much!
I arrived in my hotel at 04:00 in the morning.

So, before you think about starting a career in International Umpiring.... This is also part of it. I'm not sure I will get my bag back at all, let alone in time for my flight back tomorrow evening.....



  1. Wellcome in the fantastic word of the Italian Flight Vonnection. Do you remember my flight to Hamburg?

  2. ... by the way: Airone was the once left me in Milan for one night last time goning to Hamburg...


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