Saturday, 15 November 2008

Translation Job

I have good news and bad news today, dear readers of LTW.

The good news is that I've accepted a job in translating "The Rules in Practice" by Bryan Willis.
I wrote about his new book in this post: Book Review: 2009-2012 - Rules in Practice by Bryan Willis.

The bad news is that this means I will have less time to write on the blog. Posting will probably not be on a daily basis anymore. And some of the projects I was planning will have to wait. Specially the E-book for protest committees.

Some time ago I was approached to help with getting this book ready for the Dutch Market. Not very big, I know, only about 8000 potential buyers, but still. I found a friend who is also a publisher in, among other things, nautical books and we reached an agreement. After he negotiated with the English publisher and with our National Authority, we can now go ahead.
I've started with the first couple of pages.

It will be a challenge, as I've never done something like this before, but I'm eager to try.
There's a strict deadline, so I need to do 2.1745 pages per day.....



  1. Congratulations, man! Good luck.

    We'll save a seat for you and see you when you come around.

  2. Thanks Redwing!
    Mine is 'Hoegaarden White' if you can get it (EG)

  3. Congratulations Jos.

    I expect that the formal translation process will bring to light some interesting points about the meaning of some rules. I hope that you will be able to share these with us.

    Would it help to keep the LTW Blog lively if some readers made more contributions, as 'guest posts' or 'Q&A'? If so, do you have some guidance: length, style, and so on that would help?


  4. A challenge and congratulations, Good Luck and we are looking forward to it. kind regards,

  5. As one of the 8000 I wish you luck and look forward to reading the finished product.
    geluk, Andrew


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