Friday, 28 November 2008

New Call-Books for Match & Team Racing

New on the ISAF Site:

CALL Book for Match Racing 2009-2012

CALL Book for Team Racing 2009-2012


Both have been 'upgraded' to the new rules. I haven't had time to read them, let alone compare them to the previous versions. So, if you do and find interesting or enlightening insights, don't hesitate to send in a post!

I'm away from home this weekend, attending a Match Race event in Italy: Christmas Races at Circolo della Vela in Brindisi. I'm hoping for some warmer hours outdoors - it's just above freezing in Friesland.


  1. Seems that they've taken it offline again... Have fun in Italy!

  2. @Frank
    Just checked, but I get both on my laptop without any problems.

  3. It seems that if you go to ISAF you won't get them, go via the links 'CALL BOOk for...' on LTW and you find them.Alfie

  4. Still reading through it, but I am not a fan of F2 in the call book for team racing.

    I am not sure of the distinction between answer 1 and answer 2. Nor how an umpire could spot the difference on the water.

    If X calls for room to pass to leeward of A, does B either have to give room or pass to windward of A.

    In answer 2, they say if B is sailing a course to pass to leeward of B and X calls for room, then B must give room.

    What if B continues sailing at A's transom until X is commited to passing to windward, then B ducks?



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