Tuesday, 18 November 2008

One Year LTW; FTBD (12)

Couldn't let this post slip by. Since I'm ahead with work on 'The Rules in Practice' I've closed the word-window and am taking a few minutes to write about LTW and it's one year anniversary.

I started writing this blog on 18th of November 2007 - one year ago. I have had 34.475 visits from 16.876 visitors who spend on average 3,01 minutes on 2.24 pages and visited 77.075 pages. They came from 115 different countries and 4,734 different places.
Best days were after a post was published on Scuttlebutt, with a record of 1154 visits in one day after my 'fairy tale' not long ago.

But I am most pleased with subscribers through feedburner, be it through a reader or by E-mail. They get the most of what I offer by reading about the rules every day. Some of them must be as 'loco' as I am, so I don't feel so alone - anymore . Thanks for that!

I enjoy writing on the blog very much and regret I haven't started earlier. I read a lot more on other blogs as well and sometimes find rare jewels in strange places. Which in turn inspire me to do something extraordinary as well. Sometimes I have the nerve to go trough with it, but then again I back off and try to stay on point...

Since my fairy tale brought such 'success', I will perhaps stray a little more, occasionally....

This is of course also a regular 'Flog the Blog Day'. Therefore you are once again invited to take whip in hand and start flogging....

Black, bweeeeh, ugly background.
What's this, with that rainbow stripe? Couldn't you come up with something new?
And that sidebar!!! Maaan, talk about clutter and mayhem! Could you possibly put something else there? I cannot find a tag, if it was biting me.
Experimental? A grey box is all I get.
When will you get it through your thick scull, that less is better!
Promises, promises.... when do I get an answer on my comment.
and so on, etc, etc.

If you must, you can say something positive, but only after first blood.
Oh, I disparately need some guest-posts, since my time is so limited.....



  1. Great day no doubt. Congratulations.
    Thanks a lot for all your work.
    The number of visitors says a lot about the interest and quality of your blog.
    All the best

  2. Congratulations! OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU! on the first anniversary of your blog.
    There's no way I can measure all that I gained from one year.
    Dank u.

  3. Congratulations!!! Well done Jos, thank you.
    Best wishes for the next 10!
    Elena, Antonio & Modesto

  4. @Thank you all for you kind words!
    A special congratulation to Antonio for passing the IJ-Test & Elena in becoming an IJ! Well done, both.


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