Friday, 14 November 2008

Boat Scenario - New situation drawing program

Two weeks ago I was send a new program link by French Umpire Thibaut Gridel. He is currently developing a new situation drawing program for depicting situations on the water. I've been trying his software for a few days and it looks very promising!

Besides keel boats you can use lasers, optimists and even tornado's. Here is a screen shot:

With his animations you can make a very smooth path with the boats. And like with any film, you can stop and go at any moment in the sequence. Thibaut is still working on additional features for this program and would like comments and suggestions. You can download Boat Scenario at where you can also tell him what you think.

port starboard S2

port - starboard S2-3 closest point

port starboard S3

In the three pictures above, I went from position 2 in a Port-Starboard incident, to the closest point the boats passed each other, to position 3. With the slide function you can find that point very easy.

He still has some ways to go, but I'm very impressed with this smooth animation. I already asked if that can be exported to say a GIF-file, for use in Outlook Power Point presentations.

I will keep you updated on developments and will put a link to his program site in the sidebar. Don't hesitate to experiment and tell Thibaut what you would like added.


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  1. I Love boat scenario. I am an Optimist and Laser coach and the software is extremely useful for keeping young Opti sailors engaged. One question, I often find that on my animations some of the boats move smoothly and some travel in a series of jumps, how do i make them all move smoothly? Thanks.


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