Wednesday, 19 November 2008

ISAF International Race Official Renewals And New Appointments For 2008

Race Officials News (From the ISAF web site)

The list of Race Officials who have successfully been approved for ISAF International Race Official status in November 2008 has been published on the ISAF Race Officials microsite.

ISAF has a global network of over 650 ISAF International Race Officials who ensure fair and competitive racing at the world’s top sailing events. At the ISAF Annual Conference in November 2008, 53 applicants have been appointed ISAF International Race Official status for the first time, together with 166 successful applications for reappointment.

ISAF Race Officials fall into four disciplines: International Judges (IJ), International Umpires (IU), International Measurers (IM) and International Race Officers (IRO). ISAF International Race Official status is valid for four years (two years for Race Officials over 70), after which time Race Officials must apply to renew their International status.

On the recommendation from its four Sub-Committees, the ISAF Race Officials Committee makes the decision on renewals and new appointments each year during the ISAF Annual Conference. All the candidates for status must fulfil mandatory criteria and meet the high level of standard of competence for each discipline.

To view the list of renewals and new appointments for 2008 click on the links below:
- International Judges
- International Measurers
- International Race Officers
- International Umpires

ISAF Race Officials are the central part of one of the most important roles at ISAF. Without them, fair and competitive racing would not be possible. Right around the world ISAF has a network of over 650 International Race Officials who ensure fair racing at the world’s top sailing events.

In addition to the 53 first appointments and 166 reappointments made in November 2008, other appointments may be under consideration and may be still pending subject to providing additional information.

ISAF Race Officials microsite –



Congratulations to all, specially those who have been appointed for the first time! I know how 'nail biting' the last couple of days can be. Hope to see you at an event.


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