Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Standard Documents for Match Racing 2009-2012

On the ISAF Website two standard documents have been published for Match Racing under the new rules 2009-2012.
Following the publication of the 2009-2012 edition of The Racing Rules of Sailing, the standard Notice of Race and standard Sailing Instructions should be used for all Match Racing events starting after 1 January 2009.

The concept of the standard Notice of Race (NoR) and standard Sailing Instructions (SIs) is that all the well known options have been included to give each event organizer a reasonable degree of freedom. Having selected a particular option the actual NoR and SIs used will remain 'standard' and therefore be well tested and easily recognizable by all involved. As many options have been included the standard may appear to be long. However, when the options that are not required and the comments column are deleted, the length of the SIs for each event is more reasonable.

If your event finds that it needs other options, or that an amendment to the standard is required, please send a proposal to the ISAF for consideration for the next version.

Please remember to read these standards in conjunction with Appendix C - Match Racing Rules. The Standard NoR and SIs should be used together. Duplication of NoR and SI has been used in order that the SIs are complete for each event.

As usual, your comments and suggestions for improving this standard are always welcome.

On a personal note I think that standardization of NOR and SI are a must in Sailing. Nobody wants to study eleven pages before going on the water. Necessary information should be always at the same place in the document and always in a logical order.
These files make it easy to comply.



  1. did you find any difference form the previous edition of the NoR?

  2. Good question Luigi. I will investigate and get back to it asap.


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