Saturday, 29 November 2008

Changing the game; Leeward Mark rounding in RRS 2009-2012

Changing the game in Team-racing? A question derived from a link send in by James Ricketts.
He send me an Email with a link to the Sailgroove site: TTE7: A new Mark trap.
In the video Matt Knowles explains the change in rules in 18.2(c) compared to the current rules.

Under the old rules a boat entering the zone clear ahead became a right of way boat. As long as he didn't pass head to wind he could not loose that right. It has always been a bit of an anomaly that a new r.o.w. rule was introduced in the middle of mark rounding rules. That has now been 'rectified'.
You still are entitled to mark room when entering clear ahead, but rule 18.2(b) is switched off when either boat passes head to wind. The change in Appendix D of rule 18.2(b) has - at least in my opinion - no effect. Rule 18.2(b) is switched off (changed or otherwise) and rule 18.2(a) requires the clear ahead boat to give mark room if the clear astern boat gets an inside overlap.

I'm afraid the team racers have to find another way of laying a trap....,
or do you have another opinion?


  1. Interesting game change. Does this change also affect windward mark roundings?

  2. Of course we still have 18.3 :)


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