Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Once upon a time....the End


My "fairy tales" generate more visitors than any Q&A or true story ever can.
After being published in Scuttlebutt 2721 my post 'A Lesson in Umpiring' generated over a 1000 visitors. I should start all my posts with: 'Once upon a time......'

Perhaps I should follow Tillerman's poll and write about: 'Whatever the hell I want' as long as there is at least one magical creature in it. I will ask Mss Esmerelda Wheaterwax to teach me headology or Nanny Ogg how to curse. "Bugger all that, let's curse someone"

Please excuse me, I have to find a frying pan. I just experienced a 'sussurus' and have to look for the Nac Mac Feegle, before they steal all my possessions.... and my mind.


  1. Didn't know you were a Pratchett fan. :)

  2. Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of blogging. If I write a "straight" story about a day's sailing it rarely generated much interest. But when I get more fanciful and start to exaggerate, embellish, even write a piece of pure fiction, the readers seem to enjoy it more.

    In fact one of the things I have learned about blogging is that it can be an outlet to explore different ways of writing and communicating. Like last week when for some reason I felt moved to write a coupled of tales about a fictional yacht club election.

    I hope that you too will branch out and experiement and show us some other sides of your personality.

  3. To me, the secret is to share a story that the most people can relate to. There is always great information here... always. This site has a growing audience that are eager to remain sharp with the rules. The stories that Scuttlebutt reprints from this site are the ones that hopefully can reach beyond the most committed rules experts, yet still convey a handy message or bit of information. This recent story was a great reminder that black things are black, and white things are white, and confusion can occur when we change their colors.

  4. @Andraz, Yes Pratchett is one of my favourites, indeed!
    @Tillerman. Thanks, I really enjoyed your series on the commodore election. I will try to come up with some personal stuff... although why anybody wants to read about that is a mystery to me...
    @Scuttleblog. I keep your criteria in mind. It's always a pleasant surprise to see my post in your newsletter and it certainly generates a lot of visitors, for which I'm grateful indeed.


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