Saturday, 7 February 2009

Benelux Race Officials Seminar 2009

If all goes according to plan this post will appear on the blog when I'm travelling to Rotterdam to attend a two day seminar: The Benelux Race Officials Seminar 2009.

Every year, alternating between Belgium and the Netherlands, the race officials of the "Dutch" language area are given the opportunity to meet and discuss the rules, race management and catch up on International developments. This year the focus will be on the new RRS 2009-2012, of course.

But we will also get a presentation on the interaction and cooperation between Race Managment, Measurement Team and Judges during big events. Furthermore, the head coach of our Dutch Olympic Sailing team will give a presentation and Josje Hofland, who has been to Qingdao as a member of the International Jury, will tell something about her experience.

I must also mention that a couple of the cases we will be discussing are from the BI Star Fleet blog and from Look to Windward.

It promises to be an interesting weekend....

If I can, I'll post about it during, but most likely it will be Monday before I can get on-line again to do that.



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