Saturday, 28 February 2009

Protest Conclusions and Decision Wording 2009

Some of you may already have this file downloaded in the past. But with the new RRS 2009-2012 it was in need of an update.
I'm talking about a file (xls) with Protest Conclusions and Decisions for each and every rule. The wording that can be used in protests as final conclusions, rules that apply and for the decision. The words have been taken from the actual RRS-rule and will reflect exactly what is needed. No more - No less.

Originally started for the 2004 Olympics as a tool for the jury, a group of judges has been updating and expanding the file in leaps and bounds.

The latest version will include beside the English wording, translations in Dutch, German, Italian, French and Spanish (if we can find a volunteer for the translation of the latter)

John Allan has been doing the bulk of the latest up date and I'm very happy to post a provisional version of the file on LTW:

Protest Decision Wordings V7 (2009) provisional.xls

Provisional, because the translations haven't been added yet and the wording is still being scrutinized by a couple of earlier contributors.


The wording has been organized in a Excel-file so that you can use a quick search "function" by choosing the appropriate rule number in the purple box.

Automatically the words that are to be used for that particular rule are displayed. There are three worksheets in the file: accessible by the colored tabs at the bottom. Eventually we will ad columns with the translations which can be hidden, save for original English and the language you want. (That is, if I can get that function operational.)

In light of the newly started series on "Fact Finding Friday", you can already use the provisional file to find the wording for the conclusions and for the decision. Translating will take another month or so and that would be a little late.....

As always, if you have improvements? Let me know.


  1. Thank you this is a nice tool. I'll let you know if I have any comments.


  2. I find in the individual rule selection 18.3 or 18.3 isn't included. But, they are included when selecting all in the rule box.

  3. selection of 18.3(a) & (b) work for me.
    Sometimes after selecting a rule number, the file at first does not show anything; you need to scroll up to get to the lines that are selected...

  4. Thank you very much for your sending valuable data.
    Mr.Pat Healy gave me the 2005-2008 versin, when he visited Japan 2007.
    My usage of this sheet; Cut and divide them into each rule by scissors. And paste each on the margin or space on the RRS book.
    Thanks again.

  5. For some reason the Auto-Filter drop down is sending rule numbers with an alphabetic suffix to the bottom of the list.

    Anyone have any ideas how to make 18.3(a) and so on appear on the drop down in the right places with the pure number rules?

  6. To solve the problem how Excel sorts: just reformat the column to "Standard" or "Number", then it works - at least with my German Excel 2003. At the moment the format is "Text" which leads to the above described effect.


  7. oops .. I just recognized that Excel then sorts 2 after everything which begins with digit 1, e.g. even 19.
    Sorry, no solution yet.


  8. Thanks for trying Fritz. Problem solved with a couple of derived text fields.


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