Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Elfstrom explains with Plastic Boats

The book by Paul Efstrom always comes with a set of plastic boats included.
Does anybody know of a source who sells those boats without the book? I received a mail from a blogreader asking this and all I could come up with was to ask the publisher.....


  1. The RYA sell a more elaborate set of boats. http://www.rya.org.uk/shop/products/Pages/mbp.aspx

    But they cost over £20.


  2. Since the newer versions of the Elvstrom toys are only little outline stencils that need to be flipped over to show what tack the boat is on, they are much less useful than the old ones with the wire booms that could be tacked and gybed.

    The RYA, Swedish or Dave Tallis models are much better.

    I have several sets of the newer Elvstrom boats. I would be happy to give the reader one, if you let me know the details.

  3. The RYA set usualli is to much difficult to move on the board. The magnetic surface is very strong. The Allen set also. The best i found comes from the French Sailing Federation

  4. @Luigi
    I have been searching for a link to the set you mention from the FFVoile, but no luck. Do you know if they are on the internet? Or do I need to contact a French judge to get them?

  5. I have Allen's and Elvstrom's. Took some fine cloth and glued it to the Allen's models directly on the magnet (kind of cloth you'd find on pool tables) and it works fine.
    Elvstrom's I have always in my pocket for "rib protest hearings" when umpiring. find them useful without the boom, so it doesn't break off.

  6. @Jos
    The set i have is a kind gift from our friend JPC from Nantes. I think they are not on web but for "internal use only"

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