Friday, 6 February 2009

Protest Model Boats from Russia

Because of comments on this post: Elfstrom explains with Plastic Boats, I received an E-mail from Russia. In that mail ANNA DEYANOVA offered a set of plastic model boats to use in a protest hearing. She send me a picture:

Made from plexiglas in bright colors and what looks like a nice sailcloth bag to keep them in.

After some further inquiries I learned that these boats are exactly the 2 inch ones, that Dick was searching for. Anna send me another picture with a ruler in the frame.

Dick made a sheet with a 2 inch grid, mark and zone which can be used on the protest table. With a set of three or four boats in the same colour you can then place the situation in sequence on the sheet. He is calling his sheet: "The Fold Out 17 inch X 22 inch Protest Table Top Course Diagram" and gave me permission to use it in a post.

If you combine these two individual efforts you can get a very nice setup for your judges-kit.
Anna is offering her boats for a very reasonable price, only 15 Euro. She also has to send it, that will take approximately 2 weeks and costs another 10 Euro for Normal Post. Perhaps she's willing to increase the number of racing boats to four of each colour to use with the sheet?

If you want to contact Anna and order a set you can use:
I'm going to.


  1. Thanks for information, I have downloaded the chart immediately.
    By the way, There is another model boat which I found before through this Jos' Blog.

    The name is "Sailors Quarrel Bag".

    Das Set besteht aus:
    5 Booten in verschiedenen Farben (Größe: 9cm)
    1 Wettfahrtleitungsboot
    3 Bahnmarken
    2 Windpfeile
    Preis: 10,00 EUR

    5 boats (Green, Blue, Red, Orange and White)
    1 boat
    3 Marks (2 whites and one red)
    2 Arrows for wind or tide (Blue and Red)

    Weight 35g
    Price 10,00 EUR
    Shipment 7.00 EUR

    Order to; Sailing Media Company

    sen yamaoka

  2. Dick, suggest you leave out the one and two BL circles (and make the zone circle lighter or dotted).

    The inner circles are unnecessary: a boat with her stern on the zone circle will have her bow on the 2 BL circle and a boat with her bow at the mark will have her stern on the 1 BL circle, if it ever matters. Remember the only real issue with the circle is who gets their bow over it first.


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