Wednesday, 18 February 2009

FTBD (15) 497, no 498 and counting

If I check my published posts list, the counter is just shy of 500. I'm sure there are many many blogs out there, who've been more prolific, but I'm at least ahead of my standard one per day.

One year and three months. It's that day in the month again;
Flog The Blog Day (am I a closet masochist?)

Anyway, you can give me your opinion on the blog, its layout, its sidebar widgets and general style and don't have to hold anything back. If you draw blood, I might strike back.... that's all.

LTW projects at hand at the moment are:

  • Getting the conclusion and decision wording list ready. Brass is helping me with that and doing a thorough job! The new RRS 2009 English version will become available in a couple of weeks. After that I'll get the translations sorted out.

From last FTBD:

  • screen and archive bloglist; (halfway)
  • screen and clean up downloads and files; (still pending)
  • update popular post list; (done)
  • competition for new blog cover photo; (hmmm, I'm cancelling this one for the moment, I think. Don't want to loose my Regenbogen just yet. )
  • write E-book: Handbook for PC's; (I'm going to use the OG Protest Checklist as a format guide.... )
  • add and update label explanation pages (still pending)
  • write a couple of posts about changes in Match Race call book. (....want to do the Case book first! )
  • answer the long list of mails still pending (Neverending story.... )
  • write about rule 69 (Soon: The misconduct of Mr. B Spyderman... watch this space! )




  1. Carl hllstrom Sweden19 February 2009 at 10:32

    In my opinion, your blog as it is looks 100%.
    Carl Hallstrom

  2. LTW keeps getting better and better.

    Congratulations Jos.

    But we seem to be having fewer problems to practice on, like: From narrative draw a diagram, or write facts found. Write your conclusions and decisions.

    I am sure that we all of us and expecially newcomers can use this sort of practice. I think we could afford to recycle some of the old problems, and perhaps rerun some from elsewhere like BISF.

    If it would help, I would be happy to collate and publish at the rate of one or two a week, a series of problems that would have more or less 'right' answers that people could submit answers to and we could discuss.

  3. :-) Hi Jos,
    Congratulations for nearing 500.
    I am National Jugde from India, and i have been reading and following your blog on rules for last 1 year and it has helped me to write my Judge's test nicely.... thanku so much for it.

  4. Thank you Nilma, I'm happy to have been of assistance.

  5. :-) That was a real quick response, Jo.
    Thanku. Can i mail you some doubts on RRS of certain situations,and can you please give tell where should i mail the details?

  6. @Nilma,
    Of course. I'm certainly trying to answer all mails. Use the mail address in the sidebar to the right. Look for CONTACT and you should find it.

  7. @Brass
    Great idea; I'll mail you this weekend to get parameters established.

  8. :-) Thanku Jo,

    i have sent you my mail.


  9. Dear Jos;
    I have no words to express my gratitude for your great work. I wish this LOOK TO WINDWARD could last forever.
    Far away from Osaka, Japan.
    Sen Yamaoka


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