Saturday, 28 February 2009

Changing RRS 18.2(c)?

In RRS 18.2(c) changed in US College Sailing!, an LTW post from 15 February, we discussed the change US Intercollegiate Sailing Association made in the RRS 2009-2012.

Although a slight majority of the readers who voted, wanted to go back to the "old rules" for switching off rule 18.2(b) by changing rule 18.2(c), I'm afraid that it does not look like they will be obliged any time soon.

I've written to the chairman of the Racing Rules Committee and to the chairman of the RRC Section C Working party and received this answer from Dick Rose:

Dear Mr. Spijkerman,

At the time that the U. S. Intercollegiate Sailing Association ("ICSA") took the action it did and posted the material you quoted on the web, US SAILING was considering making a submission to ISAF for consideration at its Spring Meeting in May, 2009 in Poland, and that submission would have been to change rule 18.2(c) immediately after the May 2009 meeting.

However, since the material you quote was posted on the web, the US SAILING Racing Rules Committee withdrew the submission from consideration by the US SAILING Board of Directors. As a result, US SAILING will NOT propose that an immediate change in rule 18.2(c) be made by ISAF in May in Poland.

Note that it is my understanding that the ICSA is now reconsidering its decision to change rule 18.2(c) for its racing during Spring 2009.

As things stand now within US SAILING, it is likely that US SAILING will make a submission proposing a change in rule 18.2(c). However, US SAILING now is planning to send this submission to ISAF in the normal way (before the 1 August 2009 submission deadline) for consideration by ISAF at the November 2009 meeting in Korea. If ISAF approved that change, then the change would probably take effect on 1 January 2013, when the next edition of the racing rules will take effect.

I hope this helps to answer your questions. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Dick Rose, Secretary, US SAILING Racing Rules Committee and Chairman, ISAF Racing Rules Committee Working Party

So, if you want to practice the "Move" and are able to get an inside overlap at a time the outside boat is still able to give room, go for it!
Like Kral Oyun wrote in his comment: "then we should stand back, admire their boat handling, say "congratulations" and let them sail away untroubled by the umpires...."

For now the trailing boat can switch of mark-room for the clear ahead boat!


  1. I would like to claim copyright on the phrase you quoted: "then we should stand back, admire their boat handling, say "congratulations" and let them sail away untroubled by the umpires...." which I posted to this website on 15th Feb, some 11 days before Kral Oyun quoted it in his comment. I'm not being over sensitive - just that I was rather pleased with the way I expressed myself.

    Having chatted with one of the umpires at the recent team racing worlds I am not sure the 'The Move" will create any major problems for the umpires. The ex-keep clear boat will have to take care that there is a clearly visible gap to sail in to in order to get away with this move.


  2. I'm pleased to see that US Sailing has decided not to try to overturn a rule change that was properly considered and voted on by ISAF.

    I understand that US College sailing has a lot of team racing, where 'the Move' seems to be a potential game-change (particularly because it involves what was a common type of mark-trap tactic, so if they want to preserve their 'game' from change, they can do so, I guess.

    I will be very interested to see how the other 80% of the worlds team-racers view 'the Move', and whether they want to outlaw it, or whether they will accept it.

    Personally I think Match Racing and Team Racing should be based on the basic rules, and NOT have modifications to make them 'special'.


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