Tuesday, 10 January 2012

ISAF Q&A’s | Make it a rule!

Answer 5

ISAF Q&A 2011 – 025 M013 & Q&A 026 G013 were published on the site yesterday. The above quote struck me as one we should keep, don’t you? It would make some issues a lot simpler.

The first one:

ISAF Q&A 2011 – 025 M013

Questions the legalities of abandoning a race when there’s a wind shift of more than 20 degrees, because of a list of rules in 'Rules of Conduct for Conducting National and International Championship Regattas' which is a document incorporated in the rulebook for an ISAF International Class.


Read that again.


Got it?      Okay.
This document includes a rule that says, 'A sustained wind variation of 20
degrees or more from the posted bearing during the first leg of a race shall result in that race to be abandoned and re-sailed, or abandoned
The rest you have to read yourself… I’m sticking with:
Answer 5

Here is the link to the document: ISAF Q&A 2011 – 025 M013

On with:

Q&A 2011 - 026 G013

Again abandonment.

Does nobody want to sail anymore?

What is this, with all those questions about abandonment?
Situation The sailing instructions has a Mark 1 time limit and also states 'If no boat has passed Mark 1 within the Mark 1 time limit, the race will be abandoned.' Even though no boat passed Mark 1 within the time limit, the race committee did not abandon the race. Some boats requested redress under rule 62.1(a).

It was IN the bloody Sailing Instructions!

That makes it a rule!

How can they not abandon this race! (*&%(*%*()&*()).

They used:
Answer 5
and still they didn’t abandon!

The ff-ing PC can do this one. I’m going home.

You can read the Q&A yourself: ISAF Q&A 2011 – 026 G013

And the booklet too: ISAF Q&A Booklet January 9 2012


I’m abandoning this post.


  1. With respect you seem to be getting a bit steamed up over this. I read this as a redress issue. Yes the RC made an error (they often do unfortunately) in not abandoning the race but then the PC is charged with deciding on redress and making the best decision possible for ALL competitors. The Q and A gives some guidance.

  2. Jos
    Here is what is going on. As our sport grows in locations where order is required then our rule book will continue to grow such that there will be even a rule when judges can be excused to viait the water closet.
    In reality, this great tool called the web makes it possible to communicate and discuss the oddities of the rules with anyone who wishes to discuss them.

  3. @Anonymouses
    Just to let you know; This race was abandoned.
    For any comments, requests for redress or other complaints, please use the appropriate channels and remedies.
    I'm done.
    I'm not responding to any comments.
    I'm viaiting the loo.

  4. A Race Committee moves in mysterious ways, its wonders to perform...

    But if every ommission or improper action of a Race Committee led to the abandonment of the race we might have to orgnise events that are several days longer...

    Not abandonning may well be an improper action, but the Jury will have to decide what redress, if any, might be appropriate, if anyone is unhappy enough to request redress.


  5. I have sat on a Jury that did not give redress when there was no abandonment in these circumstances. The other requirements for redress were not deemed to have been met. The Q+A gives the tests, there is no concept of automatic redress.
    Mike B

  6. @Gordon
    The RC can do all kinds of c..p, but as long as it doesn't effect the score of a boat, NO redress.
    I've been trying to tell this to all who is willing to listen.... But even after they heard, they don't (want to) remember...
    @Mike B
    Likewise. And we would be out of a job if automatic redress was ever introduced.

  7. Glad to note that we are in total agreement.



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