Friday, 27 January 2012

LTW 2012 Winter Challenge 27/01: Rolex Miami OCR 49er Crash

Right, this episode of the LTW 2012 Winter Challenge,  I'm using a You-Tube video of an incident in a 49er race at the Rolex Miami OCR.

I've checked and although there's is a protest on the board with AUT 070, I do not think it was this incident. BER 1042 is not mentioned and although the black spinnaker is an USA boat, I don't think it's 1222.
Anyway that protest was denied.

found on You Tube: HERE by asht2p

The film is short and taken from an aerial view (probably a helicopter) so you will need to see it several times.
The challenge is to write down the facts found, draw a conclusion and take a decision.
Don't get stuck in validity; assume all requirements have been fulfilled.

I also don't mind if different people have different set of facts found. The challenge is to write the facts as you see them and then draw consistent conclusions and decision. There was contact, so don't forget 14!

If you make a TSS or Boat Scenario file, send me a (one!) picture and I'll try to incorporate that into the posting. Since you can "make up" your own facts this time, there will be no questions. But the challengers who send me a picture of the situation, corresponding with their facts found, can earn two bonus points!

Deadline next Friday 03/02/12 23:59 (GMT+1) as per usual.

Scoring of Episode 20/01 to follow - probably Sunday.
Good luck,

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  1. There are a few seconds of slo-mo video of this incident from a different angle (covering the time period from 0:26 to 0:28 when BER 1042 has tacked and is passing close to AUT 070).
    starting at 08:44
    This clip influenced my finding of facts.


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