Friday, 20 January 2012

The Rise and Downfall of PWB "The Polly I"

The Groenedijk Class and Event Rules

For the 2011 Groenedijk Cup
31 December 2011 @ 1500
37 Groenedijk, Sneek

Entry Fee: Adults – at least one bottle with appropriate contents (the more appropriate the contents – the more flexible the rules can be.) Children - free

Boat Rules:
  • Maximum Hull Length Overall: 660 mm
  • Beam: unrestricted
  • Sails must fit into a rectangle of 1000 mm x 500 mm
  • Boats can be of any design and can be built from any material, but the limit of material value is €10. The re-cycling of rubbish (plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags etc) is to be commended.
  • Bows of multi-hulls are to be connected with, wire, tape, batten or similar (to prevent trapping of other boats)
  • Construction may not start before 25 December (dated photo of construction may be required), but design and accumulation of materials are permitted
  • Sailing boats only; no stored power to be used (rubber bands, batteries, radio control, pet dogs, ducks, etc are prohibited.)

Small Print:
  • There will be as many races as it takes, and as many discards as necessary.
  • The course will be one way across a suitable stretch of water. The course for the next race will be the reverse of the previous course.
  • The starting sequence and similar rules shall become known as the event progresses.
  • The event and boat design may be affected by the temperature of the water, that is, above or below 0oC. Smart design will account for this subtle difference!
  • Pets, animals and livestock are to be dissuaded from close participation in the racing.
  • Anything else I can think of, but have forgotten to include here.
  • There shall be no complaints unless accompanied by a glass of mulled red wine.

Arbitrary rulings on matters related, or unrelated, to the Groenedijk Cup can be obtained from the Chief Race Officer/Judge/Measurer. 

Building the Polynesian Warbird "Polly I"

Sailing the Polynesian Warbird "Polly I"



I'm over it now... but it took a couple of days......


  1. You could have posted one photo of the winner!!

    1. No worries, mate.
      You are winning in the video in the next post.


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