Sunday, 29 January 2012

Score 20/01 in LTW 2012 Winter Challenge

Episode 20/01 has been scored:

The entries are getting very good already.

Several of the challengers have not send in a entry. Please don't quit so soon. I'm sure you can learn a lot by participating. I've asked for nicknames so you can remain anonymous.

This is what I came up with:

  • Blue on Port tack is keeping clear under rule 10, by passing in front of Orange on Starboard tack.
  • Blue continues to keep clear, first under 13 and then under rule 11 until position 4.
  • Blue is subject to rule 18.3, because she was subject to rule 13 in the zone and Orange is fetching the mark. Boats are overlapped as soon as Blue passes head to wind with Orange as inside boat and entitled to mark-room under rule 18.3(b). Rule 18.2 does not apply. Orange's luff above close hauled was to fetch the mark, not to avoid Blue, therefore Blue did not infringe 18.3. It was also a proper course for Orange therefore any 16.1 infringements are exonerated under rule 18.5
  • Orange is right-of-way boat under rule 11, Blue is not keeping clear in position 5
  • Blue could have avoided the contact, therefore breaks rule 14
  • Orange could not avoid the contact, after it became clear that Blue would not keep clear, so does not break rule 14
Protest upheld
DSQ Blue

A final question to think over:
What would change if Orange had passed head to wind, just after position 4?


  1. Jos-
    I did submit an entry on 25 January, and have sent you another email just now, both sent to:

    1. I've scored and commented you entry.
      Again, I'm sorry for my omission!

  2. If Orange had passed head to wind just after position 4:

    1. Orange and Blue are now on opposite tacks on a beat to windward so rule 18 ceases to apply (18.1(a)). Orange is no longer entitled to mark-room.
    2. Orange is now subject to rule 13 until she reaches a close-hauled course on either tack. While subject to rule 13, Orange must keep clear of Blue.
    3. Blue is now right of way boat because of the actions of Orange, she is not required to initially give Orange room to keep clear.
    4. When between position 4 and 5 Blue changes course, as RoW boat she must give Orange room to keep clear
    5. When Orange reaches a close-hauled course, she will become overlapped to leeward. Blue is required to keep clear (11) and Orange must initially give Blue room to keep clear (15).

    Assuming that there is contact at position 5

    1. If Blue is required to take avoiding action before Orange reaches a close-hauled course then Orange broke rule 13 UNLESS it is found that Blue's change of course after position 4 did not leave Orange room to keep clear. If Orange did not have room then Blue broke rule 16.1.
    2. If Orange had reached a close-hauled course before being required to take avoiding action Blue broke rule 11, UNLESS it is found that when Orange reached a close-hauled course she did not initially give Blue room to keep clear.

    As contact was not avoided the Juru should also consider whether either boat could have reasonably avoided contact.

    Grey Bear

    1. Is rule 18 off forever, because of the initial tack by Blue?

      I think that Orange gets mark room as soon as she passes head to wind back to starboard under rule 18.2(a) and then she's overlapped to windward and on the inside of the boat required to give mark-room, so mark-room includes room to tack....

      Rule 18.3 does not apply because Orange is already AT the mark and no longer approaching it.

      If Orange has mark-room, she will be exonerated for rule 15 and 16 while sailing her proper course

      In my opinion we end up with more or less the same rights and obligations save that the r.o.w. changes shortly from Orange to Blue and back....

  3. Surely, once Orange passes head to wind from port to starboard tack a new entitlement to mark-room begins under 18.2(a) (mea culpa, I missed that). Neither 18.2(b) or 18.3 apply. However this does not include room to tack because Orange would be leeward boat.

    Grey Bear


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