Saturday, 21 January 2012

ITO for 2012 Olympic Games

On the ISAF website the names of the International Technical Delegates (TD, Measurers, Race Officers, Jury and Umpires) for the 2012 Olympic Games were published. : 2012 London Olympic Games Sailing Competition













The Jury is reduced from 26 in 2008 to 23 in 2012, but than there are now 10 umpires for the match racing added, bringing the total to 33 from 29 different nations.

Of those 26 jury members in 2008, 17 people return either as jury member or as an umpire. That leaves 12 ‘new’ persons on the jury and 4 ‘new’ in the umpire team.

I can’t tell you the ‘old-new’ statistics for Measurers or RO’s, because I didn’t save that particular record four years ago. There will be 9 Measurers and 17 people in the Race Management Team for the 2012 OG. And 2 Technical Delegates.

These were chosen out of a group of 99 persons, who were either at the WPIR (Test Event) or in Perth at the Worlds. (+ 2 who were at neither)

During the last Olympic I did some interviews with newcomers. I will try to get in touch with a few again, this time.

In the mean time, good luck to all.



  1. if you're fancy on Race Officers and Equipment Inspectors, you'll find the 2008 teams here:

    1. Thanks, I did do a search on the ISAF website, but didn't find any. I had a look and discovered through your link that there's a whole archive to discover...


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