Sunday, 22 January 2012

Score 13/01 in LTW 2012 Winter Challenge

The score for the first episode:

And - as promised - my answer.

  • (Blue complies with rule 10 by keeping clear as Port tack boat from Green as Starboard tack boat; Greens luff does not break 16.2 as Blue does not have to immediately change course to keep clear)
  • (Green is keeping clear as tacking boat under rule 13, and then under 11 as windward boat; Blue does not have to give Green room under rule 15 as long as she maintains a straight course, because it was Green’s actions (her tack) that gave her right-of-way)
  • (In position 3 Blue establishes a leeward overlap while Green as windward boat is still required to keep clear under rule 13, therefore rule 17 is not turned on)
  • When Blue, as right-of-way boat, changed course between positions 3 & 4, she did not give Green enough room to keep clear, and broke rule 16.1.
  • Green broke rule 11 by not keeping clear as windward boat from Blue, but was compelled to break this rule because of Blue change of course and subsequent infringement of rule 16.1 and is therefore exonerated under rule 64.1(c).
  • Green did not break rule 14, because she was entitled to room from Blue (changing course) and by the time it was clear that Blue would not give that room, Green could not reasonably avoid the contact anymore.
  • Blue could reasonably have avoided the contact even after it became clear that Green was not going to keep clear and broke rule 14. There was damage so as right-of-way boat she can be penalized. However Blue took the applicable penalty (rule 44.1(a)) and therefore rule 64.1(a) does not apply. Blue is exonerated under rule 64.1(b).
Both protests are dismissed



  1. Being Blue in this situation is one of my favorite match racing moves - as green is often caught off guard by my luff. BUT as Blue I would never have allowed contact because the Umpires may feel that I broke 16.1.

    Jos - If blue had avoided contact would your decision have gone the other way?

    P.S. Thanks for the fun contest!

    1. If the contact had occurred or if Green wasn't keeping clear, despite the fact that Blue didn't change course anymore after becoming right-of-way boat, then yes.

  2. So, the correct answer is Both protests dismissed? no penaltys? there was contact and no one was DSQ'ed? could you explain?

  3. @Confused
    Yes, protest dismissed and no penalties.
    Blue broke rule 14 and 16.1, but already took an alternative penalty (two-turns) on the water;
    Green broke 11 but was forced to do that because of Blue's infringement of 16.1. And she did not break 14 because it was not reasonably possible for her to avoid, after it became clear Blue wasn't giving her room.

  4. no longer confused26 January 2012 at 01:20

    Didn't see the pen turns in the description.

    If this were a match race what do you think your decision would be?

  5. as i see it, blue gets a luffing overlap at pos 2.75ish and green must keep clear. green continues to turn down into a right boat and more than a length later has contact while never attempting to stay clear. how can you say that green did everything they could from the time she was burdened? i realize that blue has got a 16 issue but her luff doesn't seem too quick and she stopped her luff on approximately the same angle that green was on when she made herself the give boat. if green stops her turn and starts to avoid blue right after blue gets an overlap, then any contact would be on blue, but green never did anything for more than a length of travel.

  6. Would your answer differ if I speeded up the animation twice as fast?

  7. Not sure, but i don't think so. if i'm the green ump, i'm saying tacking-give, (blue ump) stern-right,luffing, giving room. (green) windward give,i need room... i'm not doing anything! on me.


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