Sunday, 15 January 2012

Penalty PUMA; In-Port Race Abu Dhabi VOR 2012

Google alert kicked out this article:

I tried to find the incident on the television coverage of the race, but no luck. The camera was focused on other boats going trough the spectators fleet at that moment.

Let me therefore start with: THIS IS A FICTIVE REPRESENTATION of what could have happened.
By using (only) Ken Reads description of the incident in above mentioned article this is what I came up with:

I have split Telefonica into two coloured boats. Green and Blue
In position 4 the Blue boat heads up to avoid hitting the Red boat. The Green boat shows what would have happened if that same boat did not change course.
In order to be able to see accurately if the change of course was, or was not, necessary, the umpire boat has to be in a position to see the gab between the boats. The Grey umpire boat represents a possibility (one that would be used in match racing), but there are other places as well.

Again, I do not know if this is anywhere near accurate, nor know where the Umpire boat was at that precise moment. What I do know is that in Umpired fleet racing it is impossible to be at the correct place one hundred percent, all the time.  No matter how many Umps you bring on the water.

The Red boat is keep clear boat under rule 11 and after her gybe under rule 10. The Green boat must be able to sail a course with no need to take avoiding action. If the distance between Green's bow and the crossing Red boat was big enough, then Red fulfills her obligation. If it was too close...... Penalty Red.


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