Friday, 14 March 2008

Back to School - Terug naar School

With about 30 Flitskids and some of there parents, I went back to school this evening. Traditionally the season is started with a indoor evening learning for the boys en girls of this National Youth Class: the Flits.As you see in this picture, a complete boat was brought in, to give the new kids a chance to have a look on what they are getting into. Full hands on deck and how to hoist and lower a sail.
More experienced sailors had the opportunity to watch a video about trimming and speed, with commentary from an expert.

Later on we started a rules game. Each question on the screen had to be answered by physically walking to the correct corner (blue or red). Right answer meant that you could stay, wrong answer: go take a seat. Until only one was left. Parents were invited to join too! Explanations by yours truly. Good fun!

I took some more pictures, have a look at: FlitsKids 14/03/08

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  1. JOs

    Well Done! I help out with the Navy League in Canada. We try to give the kids some knowledge about sailing, parts of the boat, weather, clothing and the 4 basic rule over a number of nights. This set them up for the summer to go out on the water.



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