Thursday, 13 March 2008

ISAF Application, Reference & Report Forms

On the ISAF Website eight updated forms have been published.
Four new application forms for first appointment/ renewal for all four official disciplines; Judge, Umpire, Measurer and Race Officer. The application form that is uploaded for this year is a Word document and enables you to complete it in word and submit via email. This is to reduce the paper load that ISAF receives and send out in the office. Therefore, for first appointments they also require a digital photo to be uploaded onto the form and for all applicants a digital signature. This form is the first step in a new on line application system, which will be used on a trial bases this year.
Application Form First Appointment / Renewal for International Judge; for International Umpire; for International Measurer and for International Race Officer

Also new, three Regatta Report Forms; Judges Regatta Report Form; Race Officer Regatta Report Form; and Umpire Regatta Report Form.
These documents have hardly changed, except to state a new mail address and updated version footer.

Finally two new documents for the International Judges Sub Committee. Reference Form Page 1 (the actual form the chairman has to fill in) and Reference Form Page 2 (guidelines for completing page 1). These also have hardly changed, save to bring them in line with the overall outline already established.

To all new aspiring International Judges; these last two, are the ones you need to familiarize yourself with, as they explain the level you need to achieve to get a positive reference. If you want to be "assessed" on a particular event, you have to contact the chairman before the event. You are responsible for you own development, so bring the form with you and discuss it with him/her. You need three positive reference forms for your first application.


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