Sunday, 23 March 2008


Again a three boat situation, now at the windward mark.
In position 4 the yellow boat shows his Yankee flag. What is your decision?

TSS diagram: UMP_LTW007b.TSS
Static image: UMP_LTW007bs.gif
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Secondly: Where should the umpire boat be in this situation and why?


  1. Hi Jos,

    I think rule C2.6 applies here.

    Blue completed her overlap inside the 2l-zone without the need for yellow to alter her course. So Blue didn't break rule 13.

    Then yellow could avoid an overlap by luffing (she didn't need to but I think that doesn't matter). C2.6 says that we should then look at this situation as if it were that Blue was clear ahead at the 2l-zone. Blue therefore has row and Yellow is keep clear boat.

    Blue luffs to fetch the mark so according to rule 18.2d she doesn't need to give Yellow room to keep clear.

    Yellow keeps clear of Blue under rule 11.

    I think there were no rules infringed so I would give the green flag.

  2. There is no incident involving Green.

    At 1 Blue Give,Port

    At 2 Blue Give, Tacking (RRS 13)

    Just after 2, B and Y have become overlapped, Blue reaches the 2LZ, (before Y does) THEN completes her tack.


    Q. Can Y, by luffing avoid becoming overlapped inside B?
    A. Yes, if Y luffs she will not become overlapped inside B.

    Therefore RRS 15 and 18.2 are NOT turned off by RRS 18.3(C2.6), and RRS 18.2(c) applies as if B was CAHD at the 2LZ and Y must keep clear throughout the rounding.

    At 3 Blue Right, Leeward, RRS 16.1 is OFF (RRS 18.2(d), RRS 17.1 is OFF.

    Between 3 and 4, Blue Changing Up, Yellow Keeping Clear

    At 4, Blue Right, Leeward, Yellow Yankee

    Decision: Green.

    Umpire Positioning (with wing boat)

    At 2, Stbd quarter of B

    At 3, midway between B and Y, about 2m behind, watching the gap.

    At 4, as for 3

    How's that?


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  4. Frank and Brass,
    I've removed one of your comments Brass, seemed to be identical to the first.
    Anyway, I agree with your decisions.

    Would you change it, if Blue completed her tack half a boat length later, and only entered the 2BL-zone as third boat? (still overlapped inside Yellow)

  5. Sorry about the double post. My bad. Thanks for deleting.

    If B completed half a BL later, there are two possibilities:

    1) B and Y have been overlapped all the time, in which case, it makes no difference, it remains a simple case of B completing her tack in the 2LZ, while Y is way overstood, leaving B room and rights inside. Based on the diagram, I think this is the most likely case.

    2) If the reason B completed later was because she was further behind Y on the stbd tack ladder, and was in fact CASTN of Y before Y reached the 2LZ, then Y gets rights and room at the mark (RRS 18.2(c)). Note B and Y can be overlapped while on opposite tacks if they are about to round or pass ('when RRS 18 applies' definition of Overlap). RRS C2.6 is applicable, but just says 'rule 18.2(c) shall apply ...'. Note also that this is the kind of RRS 18.2(e) 'reasonable doubt' situation discussed in the Dick Rose article you posted earlier.


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