Friday, 7 March 2008

Best Positions to Umpire a Match Race

At a Match race event last year we had some extra time on our hands, because there was no wind. The Chief Umpire gave us a couple of pointers about positioning in a short presentation. This is what I wrote in my notebook:
  • Boats close = umpire close; boats far apart = umpire further away.
  • Find the points on the boats which are closest to each other, draw a line between those points and position yourself at a right angle to that line.
  • When you have to open up your throttle, you haven't anticipated the situation. Think ahead!
  • Never be in the same line as the boats. In front or behind.
  • Approaching the starting line, don't get behind both boats, until you are certain they are going to start, better stay on the shoulder of transom.(windward).
  • Before entry, discuss the start line bias or if one of the boats is going to be late to enter; otherwise 9 out of 10, Port (blue) cannot cross Starboard (yellow).


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