Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Abandoning a Finished race by the RC | 2

Received some comments and remarks about today's issue from one of my E-mail subscribers. He writes:

"I have heard of this at a Cadet Event. I believe Q&A 07 007 followed from this, though I see it says the race was abandoned after three legs. I believe it was actually abandoned after the finish here.
The race committee had been pressured to hold the race, and after it finished, they became very unhappy that the race was not fair, and abandoned it. As they wished to undo the penalty incurred by starting under a Z-flag, the race numbers became an issue. They stated to a jury, they had considered the effect on the others, but how do you test this and do you have to? "

A very valid question. As with abandoning after the race has finished, the rule book states the obligation to consider the consequences for all boats, but doesn't give a clue in what is acceptable and what not.


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