Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Le Regole di Regata - RRS Italian style

I visited a very nice site about the rules made by Ezio Fonda. I was given the site-address in an E-mail from an Australian blog reader. Thanks, Brass!

Now, my knowledge of the Italian language is zero, oke...not zero, I can say 'ciao' and 'molto bene', but so can you. So what is a site about the rules in Italian going to do for me?

This site offers something in the form of animations and cases. They are very good!
If you have the rulebook or casebook open, you can follow the action. And not knowing the answer - not even by sneaking a peak - forces you to think about it yourself...

Also, I'm going to Brindisi later this year and it might be very useful to learn a few words....
So, have a look at:
Le Regole di Regata


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