Monday, 10 March 2008

Protest # 7 from Friese Hoekrace 2006

Since my supply of test is not unlimited, today I have a different exercise for you. In the picture I've drawn a situation from a protest from a couple of years back in the Friese Hoekrace 2006
Both boats are 20 meter barges with lee boards, the race was during daylight in calm sea, with about 4 Bft wind. The collision caused considerable damage, particularly to the windward boat (yellow) and after the protest the skipper asked for a written decision according to RRS 65.2. He was considering going to appeal and wanted a report for his insurance company.

This picture was taken just the collision, while the crews are clearing the mess.

Your "homework" this week is to write this case as if you were in the PC that heard it. Complete with all requirements as stated in RRS 65.1
Don't assume to many facts that aren't obvious, but as long as you stay consistent, that is all right. I've given you a heads up, by already telling you the rules involved.

I'll translate my own and give you my views next week.
You also can download the TSS-diagram here.


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