Thursday, 6 March 2008

RRS National Appeals Committee

Got a phone call the other week.

The chairman of the National Appeals committee asked me if I wanted to be an observer for next year?

If I wanted? I've been anticipating this opportunity for a long time. (They ask someone every year)

"Yes," I answered. "I didn't think I was next in line, already"

"Your name is on our short list." He was giving away nothing, leaving me wondering how many others he asked before me.

"Only you have to promise to be in most of the meetings," he added. He would send me a preliminary schedule and if I could respond asap, please.

"No problem."

I checked later that day and only one date seems to have a conflict, as far as I can see, and that's Brindisi in November.... many things can change before that.

So, I'm happy to tell you, this blogger is going to find out what happens at the National appeals level

Now I have to find a way to tell you about it, without compromising any confidence. First meeting is next month on the fourteenth. I will have to bone up on previous cases before that.

And I still have one measurement protest, which has gone to appeal, pending....


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