Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Appendix P 2008

On the ISAF site a new version of Appendix P has been published.
I've reduced the document in size and lettering so that you can print it small enough to fit in your rulebook. SI_Appendix_P_2008-[5342] Rulebook size.doc
This new appendix has been in use in several regattas around the world already.

In this new version a boat is no longer protested for breaking rule 42 by a member of the protest committee or its designated observer, but instead is penalized. This means she has no possibility of redress, unless the action was improper due to a failure to take in account a race committee signal or a class rule. A boat can ask for and be given redress, if a judge hasn't seen or missed an O flag and has penalized that boat.

The penalties are different too. Instead of having to leave the whole regatta after a third infringement of rule 42, a boat shall promptly retire from the race. She's scored a DNE if she does, but can sail in the next race.

Less noticeable, but nevertheless changed in the wording, is the word 'series'.
Because series can mean a whole regatta, but also a part of a regatta - for instance opening series - this was changed in 'regatta'. There was a Q&A about the distinction in 2006. Q&A 06-001 Published: 9 March 2006


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