Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Magnetic Protest Boat Kit | 2

The package from the RYA arrived today. Sealed in a bubble envelope it took 12 days to be delivered. The Sales Invoice is dated 29/08/08 and I ordered them on 28/08/08.
(Magnetic Protest Boat Kit)

The boats are very nice and well crafted with a good 'sail' attachment. Exactly as promised, 12 boats of which three blank and three sets of three colored sailboats, yellow, blue and red. Four marks and two arrows, all together in a sturdy plastic zip bag.

Made in China (where else). Total costs (including postage and VAT) £ 27.24
Fair dinkum, as the people down-under would say.

In lieu of our protest-competition announced yesterday,
TP52 Protest Writing Exercise, I have decided to donate this magnetic protest boat kit as the first prize.
The winner will receive the complete bag, send free of charge, by post.
So what are you waiting for, stop reading this blog, and start writing.

Entries must be send in by Email before 22 september 22:00 hours, preferbly in a word document, but pdf is fine too. Oh, please put your name in the filename, so I can keep track.



  1. The Sales Invoice is dated 01/09/08 and I ordered on 30/08/08.
    The package arrived 06/09/08 by airmail. It took "only" 7 days to be delivered.
    Is Netherlands is farther than Japan? ......
    Total costs (including postage and VAT) £ 25.77.
    The price is reasonable and also cheaper than yours .....
    Dank for your kind introduction.

  2. Great Brittain is across the channel, by crow's flight maybe 100 miles. Japan is over 5000 miles away.
    But don't worry, postage to outside Europe is only 3,75 pound.

    But, write a protest and win the competition and I'll send it to you for free....


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