Tuesday, 23 September 2008

ISAF Submissions 2008 part 1 | Race Officials

I've had a look at the submissions for the ISAF November conference. In part one specially those effecting Race Officials. This is a summary list, I've linked each to the relevant text, so you can read the complete submission yourselves.
  1. Submission 022-08 to bring the fee for a deputy chief umpire in line with the (increased) responsibilities such as training a new chief umpire.
  2. Submission 024-08 about better representation of the MNA's in the Olympic Jury by restricting the number of times a Race Official can do an Olympic (two times) and asking for 30% new members.
  3. Submission 055-08 to apply the fees for match race umpires to scheduled racing days, not practice days.
  4. Submission 131-08. This submission, if successful, would incorporate IFDS International Classifiers within the ISAF Race Officials Committee in line with Executive Committee discussions with the IFDS. The intention is that the International Classifiers Sub-Committee (ICSC) would be formed early in 2009 and that the first appointments of International Classifiers under the ISAF would be made in November 2009.
  5. Submission 132-08 proposes that Race officials be recommended by their MNA not only for their first appointment, but also for renewals. Based on the argument that a appointed race official should contribute to their own MNA in sharing knowledge and help with education.
  6. Submission 133-08 proposes to bring the deadline for umpire assessment into line with the other deadlines (seminars & written test). [On a personal note; this I could have used in 2007!]
  7. Submission 134-08 is about correcting an error in the regulations last year. Only umpires who send in their application for first appointment, need to hand in three IUSC Reference forms. Not umpires who apply for renewal.
  8. Submission 135-08 International Umpire? Document is not available at this moment
  9. Submission 136-08 about the criteria for International Measurer.
  10. Submission 137-08 proposes to bring the requirements for first appointment of a race officer in line with the other disciplines by requiring three reference forms.
  11. Submission 138-08 proposes to have a "recognized" race official who can function in all respects as an international race official, but does not have to meet the requirements in experience. This so that he/she can get that experience in a period of four years and then apply for IJ/IU/IRM - status.
  12. Submission 139-08 to bring the hearing process in case of a negative report in line with regulation 51.
  13. Submission 140-08 to inform the chairman of the relevant Sub-committee even in case of a "minor" negative report about a race official.
  14. Submission 150-08 to give the authority to the Racing Rules Committee to deal with the introductory racing rules.
  15. Submission D133-07 to rename International Race Officers into International Race Managers on the argument that Officers is to close to Officials.
On all these submissions the (sub)committees have to make a recommendation so that the council can decide. Not all will make it and most of them will be amended in one way or another.

Submission 138-08 is controversial in my opinion. How can you be an International Judge or Umpire if you lack the experience? On the other side, if accepted, it would make it a lot easier to get to a bigger event where you can learn. There's a restriction how many can be on a panel or umpire team, so the quality is not compromised.

I have to see what becomes of 024-08. If passed, a lot of long standing judges - who now serve on the Olympic jury - will have to make room for others. A lot of them are doing it already more then two times. Since they are also the ones who vote in committee, I don't think this submission has a chance, but you never know.

What do you think about these submissions?

UPDATE 24/09/08: 1220 hours; ISAF has fixed the link.

8. Submission 135-08 When a candidate for IU has failed the examination twice, this submission proposes that a third attempt may only be done after a positive decision from the chairman of the IUSC and that any subsequent attempt may not take place, within four years the failed third time. And only when all requirements of first application have been fulfilled. Three strikes you're out, but you can start again from scratch.


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  1. Re submission055/08

    Umpires are normally expected to attend an event on the practice day as they attend briefings and sort out their own organisation.
    Why should they not be paid for this?
    The Chief Umpire certainly has many duties on the practice day.


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