Saturday, 13 September 2008

IDMMRD | 1 Umpire Call

  • Yellow and Blue, both on SB, on the sb-layline to the windward mark;
  • Yellow entering the two-length zone, 2 meters clear ahead of Blue;
  • Blue enters the two lenght zone and Yellow, stil clear ahead, bears away slightle;
  • Yellow luffs to head to wind next to the mark and slows down. Distance between Y & B is now 1 meter;
  • Blue bears of forcefully to pass behind Yellow and shows Yankee flag
  • When Blue is half a boat length passed Yellow's stern, Yellow passes head to wind and tacks
  • Blue luffs and tacks as well. (changed)
  • Both round the mark and continue the Match.

Umpire's signal a decision by showing which flag?

You can answer this call by voting in the poll, almost on top of the sidebar
Poll closes Monday-evening 23:00 hours.



  1. Seems to be to easy to be true... I think this is an ordinary 18.2c.

    The blue boat must keep clear, which she does. 18.2d relieves yellow of her restrictions under 16 so I'd give a green flag.

  2. I think the seventh bullet point should say, "Blue luffs and passes head to wind."

  3. @anonymous
    Yes you are quite right, I've changed bullet seven.

  4. I don't see the problem... Going step by step:
    When the Y entres into the 2L 18.2c is on. No rule limitate the bearing of Y in pos2 and the same is for the luff in pos3 (exept for eventually rule 16 but tacking is part of rounding mark and 16 is not applying on this; moreover Blue was in condition to KC so...). This means the tactical rounding of Y was correct. Green/white flag.

  5. To all voters:
    But the Blue boat sees a rule infringement, she showing us the Yankee flag...

  6. I voted green flag since it was a clear case of 18.2(c) to me.
    Any other facts we should be aware of?
    Blue sees something else or she thinks she sees something else?

  7. Same as the other, Green-white. I cannot see any infringement


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