Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Forumtalk about the RRS

In my continuing search for subjects I visit several forums. Sometimes just to read but also to comment and contribute in the discussions. There are several I visit regularly.

Sometimes a particular post brings a smile to my face and I copy & paste the piece to my notebook. Here are a couple I had saved. Mind, I did not write these, all credit goes to the original posters.
From the Sailing Anarchy Forum: by H I M:

Everyone knows it's a fundamental law of quantum nautical mathematics, that the length of "two boat lengths" is entirely fluid depending on many factors, including whether one is on the inside or the outside, whether one is attempting to gain, break, hold or hold off an overlap, the number of beers consumed and the size of the two skippers in the room. It has even been postulated that there are infinite parallel "circles" each of which represents the potential "zone" in the theoretical "brain" of the foredeck crew. The Paul's Exclusion principle, however, states that, if one size of circle is chosen by one of any foredeck crews and skippers involved, it is fundamentally impossible for this circle to be chosen by any of the others. Some people even believe that the two boat length zone is in fact a figment of the imagination, brought on by lack of rum.

But three boat lengths, like speed cameras, will make us all behave that much better!!

And from the Sailing Anarchy Forum: by CONDOR:

A story...

Around 40 years ago at a entry-level rules seminar, the instructor asked: If two boats are about to finish under spinnakers, and one lets the halyard go so the sail flies over the finish line before the other boat, has she finished?

A voice from the back of the room, "As long as someone on the boat yells, "Holy shit, the halyard!".

Have never forgotten the 'in normal position' since.
Just a couple sentences, to let you know there's interesting reading outside my blog......
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