Thursday, 18 September 2008

FTBD (10)

I made a error last month, this 'Flog The Blog Day' is marking ten months of blogging. Starting 18 November 2007 - now 18 September 2008 = yes, 10 months... Must have been too eager last month. Anyway, subscriptions have been going up steadily, as well as e-mailing (And yes, please be patient, I will get back to you all, but it will take some time). A couple of postings in Scuttlebutt again and on the different forums and web sites more and more links are appearing.
I'm also still fiddling with the design and layout. I've put up a anitmated tag cloud and would be interested in your comments. Currently I'm trying to change the tags-list in a pull down menu. That would reduce the long list, which takes up too much space. I'm still not happy with the logo, but that will have to wait.
As always, please feel free to make suggestions, comment on the posts but also on the blog (design, color, layout etc.) and above all, correct me if I make a mistake.



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