Wednesday, 17 September 2008

TP52 Protest Writing (Exercise) Competition

This post is to remind all of my readers about the still ongoing protest writing exercise competition from this post: TP52 Protest Writing Exercise.
So far only five entries have been received: two protest about C vs D, two protest about F vs G and one protest about F vs E.

Best in each pair will go trough to the finals and the winner will receive free of charge a brand new set of magnetic protest boats from this post: Magnetic Protest Boat Kit | 2

So here's the challenge:
  1. Pick one pair (and one pair only); you may only write one protest for each pair.
  2. Write a set of facts found about what you think has happened - does NOT have to be what actually happened, but must be to the point without any unnecessary facts and no conclusions;
  3. Draw a conclusion and rules involved based on the facts found, as you have written;
  4. Write a decision.
Do YOU want to become an good Judge? Then start writing, it's a skill you need to practice!
The deadline is 22:00 hours Monday the 22nd of September 2008.



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