Friday, 5 September 2008


Visited a German blog the other day, written by Felix Kling called Rule2blog.
Asking him about that name he answered in a short mail:

Why rule 2? With this blog I want to promote fair sailing and generally sailing according to the RRS. I myself sail in the Star class and am a German National Judge & Umpire.
I’m a good friend of Willii Gohl and maybe you know my father Mufti Kling. He’s International Judge and also national Umpire.

Mufti and I have translates the English booklet “Rules Companion” from Bryan Willis into German and sell them in the German area. We have also done the AC booklet for the Cup in Valencia. Maybe you know some of these books? We know your blog very well and read them regularly.

I basically write the blog to report about our experience in the Star and about the RRS and their news. But also to promote our books ;-)

Today on his blog is a new link to a Synopsis RRS 2005 – 2008 with RRS 2009 – 2012 Version 1 (07/08) written by Willii Gohl. He compares the new rules to the old side by side. Nice work!


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