Thursday, 11 September 2008

Hail to the Flag!

Black Flag



Before there ...

Before there was chaos

Before there was awful darkness

Before there was THE room &THE judges

Before there was the sailor who tried to remember
the fifteenth windward leeward mark rounding at one o'clock
in the morning after three hours waiting and five hearings, in the
team race championship, to decide which team had scored seventeenth ..

YankeeGreenWhite FlagBlue FlagYellow FlagRed Flag
After there was a response to any Yankee flag so a sailor could concentrate on the race and plan his strategy and tactics based on the rules, because
the other boat was obliged to follow them or do the penalty...

After there was a hearing straight after the match,

After there was THE umpire bringing solace

After there was bright light

After there was order

After there was

a Flag



umpire flags matchracing set

@@ Best Sailing Invention Ever? on Proper Course by Tillerman.



  1. Well done Jos. Once again you amaze us with such a visually creative post.


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