Friday, 26 September 2008

Nie zapomnij zaglosowac!

Early morning rise, drive to the airport, unavoidable delay in boarding and an uneventful flight made me arrive in Warsaw at 11:15. This is my first visit to Poland so I've already been looking around. At first glance not that much difference. Perhaps a few more older buildings, but new projects all over the place as well. Commercials, billboards and traffic like any other city.
I'm here to do a Match Race Event in Ilawa, a town on the coast we will travel to this afternoon. I'll meet a few old friends again from this part of the world. I'll try to keep you informed. Due to the extra time I had, I did do a post on the new rule 18 which I will post directly.

I'm sitting in the office of Media Connect, where the people who picked me up from the airport work. They have provided me with an internet connection, a nice cup of coffee and a place to type.
I can do some work, away from work.....


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