Wednesday, 24 September 2008

TP 52 Protest Writing Competition; Voting Round 1

In total seven protest were send in for the competition. I've saved all the forms as pdf's and in three separate posts you can read or download them.
I've made three posts because I invite you to give comments on the style, consistency and completeness of each protest form. I've not changed the writing or style in any way.
At the top of the side bar two voting boxes have been made available, so you can cast your vote. Please consider the following 'objective' criteria when you decide which is best:
  • enough facts found to draw a conclusion;
  • no conclusions in the facts found;
  • the conclusion fits the facts;
  • decision is consistent with the conclusion.
This first round is to determine the best of each pair; after those have been decided, the final round will be between the three 'best' entries for each pair.
You can VOTE for one week in round one.



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