Monday, 23 March 2009

Actors Sought for International SAILING Program Productions

Please print out the Poster below and display at your local club
copy by Wolfgang Hofmann, translation by Erich Michel & LTW

Send your application to RRS-Study ed home dot nl.


  1. The Translation is interwoven in the text....
    I think you need glasses, Luigi [EG]

  2. Can't wait to see this on Broadway.

    Jos, for the still linguistically challenged, can you please explain:

    * is "Lady Luck" a good translation for "Mr Zufall"?

    * what is a "luff-banana"? Is this another of these brace/guy, kicker/downhaul language confusions?

    * is a good translation of "ist fahig, die tonne platt vor dem wind zu rammen" as follows "able to ram the mark square on downwind"?

    * What does "activists from the area of the 'optimistic' camp" mean? Does it mean "superoptimists"?

  3. Yes i need glass.
    I'm available to be one of the fighter for roomm.

  4. @ Brass
    Yes I agree; Lady Luck is better;
    I have no idea what "Luff-banana" means; perhaps Wolfgang can explain?
    Yes, square ramming is definitely a requirement!
    Activists travel in packs and make camp... Superoptimists are loners and travel single,.... well, that is what I always thought

  5. Hello Jos!

    1. I think Lady Luck is not the right thing: Herr Zufall in this case means somebody, who knows what´s the game, but you are not able to say what he will do, it will be always a surprise.
    2. luff-banane: everybody knows the little yellow thing you can eat with the curvature determined by the EU!!!! Sorry, that means sailing a course on the reach windward of all the other boats or luffing with other boats, and as the result you have to gybe before the leeward mark. This is sometimes very stupid!! See RRS 18.2(e)
    3. ram the mark: can you say death to wind?? Sometimes sailors do not want to gybe when sailing the last meters to the leeward-mark, the main sail is on the wrong side, no centreboard – then you ram the mark!
    4. the optimistic camp: what can you say to a field of 40 – 50 or more Optimist (this is the german three-man-boat: one sailor and the parents) !! So in German you can speak of a “Optimist-isches Lager” = optimist-ic camp. They make a party at a mark, not even funny.

    Is this helpful??

  6. Would be fun if it weren't so true. The promise of simplification and rules easier to learn seems to have gone down the drain. ISAF ought to revert back to the 2005 rules and send the rules committee back to work until they get it right. See also this insightful note:

    Der Einige Brave


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