Monday, 16 March 2009

Protest Diagram Kit | v2.0

Angelo Buscemi send me an Email with an updated version of his Protest Diagram Kit. It's a word document with pre drawn boats, marks, zones and sunder, which can be used to create diagrams on protest situations. I've posted about his efforts in this post: Forms (2)

In his mail he writes: No major changes – I just added a three boat length zone and updated the instructions for those who use Microsoft Word 2007.

Angelo gives permission to freely use and distribute this file, in conjunction with volunteer efforts to support and promote sailing and sail boat racing. Thanks Angelo.

Here's the download link: Protest Diagram Kit v2.docx
And a Word 97-2003 version: Protest Diagram Kit v2.doc


  1. How it works? It's a Office Vista file... Lots of club and ro don't have it.

  2. It opens just fine in MS Word 2003 for me.

  3. I've added a Word 97-2003 version to download as well.

  4. Thanks Jos;
    The Word 97-2003 version has been downloarded perfectly. It is my favorite tool.
    sen yamaoka


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